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Mission South Africa / Swaziland Reports


Mission Report

In June 2008, MannaRelief returned to South Africa and Swaziland with a 16 person team. During the trip they visited 21 Orphanages and touched the lives of over 1,100 children. With the love of God, they delivered dietary supplements to the orphans, including over 5,800 bottles of GlycoBears, 90 bottles of MannaBears and 320 tubs of Ambrotose.

The team ministered to lots of excited children through songs and puppet shows and were blessed with smiles and laughter while they handed out the dietary supplements. Every team member was deeply impacted by their experiences on this trip. Having now seen the suffering of the children first-hand they have a full understand of the need that exists in both South Africa and Swaziland. The team members realized this will be an unforgettable experience and a constant reminder of how blessed they really are.

You too can be blessed with the joy of giving an orphan hope!  Please consider joining us on our next mission trip.

Mission Schedule

May 29  – Delivered dietary supplements to B504 Shalom Ministries with 24 children.

June 2   The team departed from the United States and Canada.

June 3  – Arrived in the UK, had a Day-Excursion in London and then departed for South Arica.

June 4  – Arrived in Johannesburg, the team traveled to Badplaas, and stayed overnight at the Natural Hot Springs hotel.

June 5  – The team traveled to Swaziland and then visited the B46 Antioch Development Center with 100 children, B887 ABC Ministries with 40 children and B466 Light To The Nations with 50 children.

June 6  – Visited B561 Hilltop Orphan Protection & Empowerment with 45 children, B761 Emmanuel Khayelethu with 33 children and B495 New Hope Center.


June 7  – The team traveled to Johannesburg and visited B552 Tumelo Home with 30 children

June 8  – The team attended a Church Service and visited B716 Shilo Harvest Ministries with 50 children

June 9  – The team traveled to Welkom and visited B770 The Pines with 17 children and then B364 Kingdom Ministries of Christ with 70 children

June 10 – The team traveled to Addo Game Park and enjoyed the elephant park.

June 11 – The team experienced a safari game drive and a meal in the park, then traveled to Jeffrey’s Bay where they visited B820 Oceans of Mercy Village with 17 children.

June 12 – The team visited B621 SOS Project DR Church with 70 children and B528 Ithemba, 80 children.

June 13 – The team traveled to Cape Town.

June 14 – The team visited B578 Miqlat Bowy House with 16 children, B795 Miqlat Miriam House with 19 children B794 Miqlat Wendy – Drommedaris with 28 children.

June 15 – Attended Church Service and then visited B767 Helping Hands with 35 children.

June 16 – The team visited B420 Leadership Development Foundation Trust with 100 children.

June 17 - Shopping Day and then depart for USA & Canada.

June 18 – Delivered dietary supplements to B71 Amelia’s Orphanage with 96 children and B580 Tabita Aksi with 200 children.

2007 September 26th

Mission Report

Recently MannaRelief visited these countries through our Missions program. Twenty six people, of which seventeen were teenagers representing Rebirth, had the awesome privilege of being able to visit/deliver product to 28 orphanages. We witnessed firsthand the children’s needs and we provided a generous amount of dietary supplements. The orphanage directors, caregivers, socialworkers, and ministry leaders expressed their gratitude for the nutritional support provided. Praise God! For all the volunteers who ventured on this trip to not only help deliver the much needed supplements but also to be a tangible extension of God’s love.

Many Smiles!

What a blessing it was to see the many smiles every where we went as the hundreds of kid’s faces lit up when the Global Rebirth team performed puppet shows and handed out the supplements plus much appreciated gifts. It is such a joy to not only supply nutritional support but also extend Christ’s love, peace and joy!

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