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Trips that change lives.

Providing thousands of children around the world with proper nutrition is fun and exciting
for everyone involved. People from all over donate to help provide children they’ve
never met with nutritional support that will change their lives forever.
But, what if you could meet them?

You can.


Possibilities are Endless

We're partnered with more than 800 life giving organizations
around the world. Some of these organizations, such as gypsy
camps and villages, are in extremely difficult to reach places -
places we are unable to ship directly to. While not always the
case for taking a mission trip, the only way to reach children
in these hard to reach places is to physically go there. While
there, we also take the time to carefully educate Caregivers
on nutrition, how to use the solutions we provide and good
etiquette for extended storage.


Opportunities are Priceless

Mission trips not only provide a means of getting nutritional
products to children in need, but they give us the opportunity
to directly interact with the children we seek to help. Volunteer
team members have the opportunity to take a small glimpse
of what it's like to live life as an orphan. This also gives us the
opportunity to bring a smile to a child's face, whether it is
giving them a toy, sharing a story, playing music, singing
songs, putting on a puppet show, or simply giving them a hug.


Anyone 15 years and older who is medically fit to travel is eligible to
join us on a mission trip. Children younger than 15 years of age must 
be accompanied by a parent, family member or an appointed guardian.

Visas and Immunizations

Countries requiring entry Visas and/or certain immunizations are the
responsibility of the individual to travel. See >

Medical Restrictions

Traveling abroad can be a workout. Any medical concerns you may
have should be noted in your application.

Safety and Security

We do everything we can to make every mission trip as enjoyable 
and life-changing as possible. The safety and security of the team
will be our top priority at all times.

Mission Trip Application

Experience the difference you can make!

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Upcoming Trips




No trips planned at this time.
Please check back.


Trip dates are tentative. Details are subject to change.
Check back frequently for updated information.

Questions? Email us at or call 817-557-8700.

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